1831 - The will of William Elliott


This is the last will and testament of me William Elliott of Birmingham in the county of Warwickshire button maker

First I will and direct that all my just debts funeral expenses and the expenses of proving and executing this my will be first paid and satisfied
I give and bequeath unto my wife Elizabeth the household goods and _ being _ _ _ and the sum of fifty pounds to be paid to her _ _ _ _ for her own personal use and _ _ _

To my son William Elliott and son in law William Bardell and my brother in law Samuel Burton of Birmingham aforesaid brass founder all my freehold and leasehold buildings money _ for money and all my property of whatsoever kind

To hold to them the said William Elliott William Barbell and Samuel Burton their heirs executors administrators and assigns _ following that is to say


As to the _ _ _ and the saw manufactory and _ _ and suffer my said son William Elliott to _ _ _ the _ and profits thereof during his life and as _ _ _ _ subject to the payment of such annual sum if any as he may by this will think proper to appoint in favour of his wife Lucy Ann _ to and for the benefit of - my said son William Elliott in such share and proportion and _ of all or any _ of such children as my said son William Elliott shall by any deed or will duly _ give devise _ or appoint and at default of nay such gift devise _ or appoint _ for the benefit of all the children of my said son William Elliott in equal shares the share of such to be a vested interest on his or her attaining the age of twenty one years

And so it goes on! In an attempt to retain what little sanity I still have, I have decided to extract names, both personal and place names, from the will and list them. It’s a cop-out, but the will is very hard to read!

As to the messuages and premises in Great Hampton Street in the occupation of the said William Bardell to permit and suffer my daughter Maria wife of the said William Bardell to have take and secure the rents and profits thereof during her life for her own sole and separate use

As to all that messuages and premises in Frederick Street in the occupation of William Gibbins and those messuages in Vittoria Street held under the same lease to _ the rents _ and profits thereof until my son Samuel Elliott shall attain the age of twenty one years


For the benefit of my daughter Mary wife of William Gibbs 
Proved 16th September 1831 by William Elliott, William Bardell and Samuel Burton


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