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 1809 "About the same time (1809) the first four-hole buttons were made by John Banks, for Hammond, Turner and  Co., and used for the same purpose". (Birmington : a Poem: In Two Parts, with Appendix by Harry Howells Horton, Edition 2, 1853)
 1817 December 5 - Specification of the Patent granted to John Turner, of Birmingham, in the County of Warwick, Button-maker; for certain Improvements in the plating of Copper or Brass, or a Mixture of Copper and Brass, with pure or standard Gold, or Gold mixed with a greater Portion of Alloy, and in the Preparation of the same for rolling into Sheets. (The Repertory of Patent Inventions: And Other Discoveries and Improvements in Arts, Manufactures, and Agriculture. Published by T. and G. Underwood, 1819)
 1820 July 28 - "Also I give and bequeath to the said Elizabeth Townsend the Elder whatever sum or sums of money may be due and owing to me at my decease in respect of a certain annuity of one hundred and twenty five pounds payable to me during my life from Messers Turner and Sons by two equal half yearly payments upon the twenty fourth day of June and the twenty fifth day of December in each year and which is secured by their note of bond." (Will of Samuel Hammond, see Wills on this site)
 1822 Hammond, Turner and Sons (pearl), Snow hill, Birmingham (History, directory & gazeteer, of the county of York: with select lists of the merchants & traders of London, and the principal commercial and manufacturing towns of England. Published by E. Baines, 1822)
1830  In proceeding up Snow-hill, on the left is the highly respectable and extensive establishment of Messrs. Hammond, Turner  and Son, button manufacturers, these gentlemen are so considerably embarked in this trade, as to employ a great number of small manufacturers in various parts of the town, as well as upon their own immediate premises. (West's History, Topography and Directory of Warwickshire, 1830)
 1838 The Pin Manufactory of Messrs Phipson; the Cut Nail Manufactory of Mr. Jones; the Screw Manufactory of Messrs. Ledsam; and the Button Manufactories of Messrs. Hammond, Turner and Son, and F. Ledsam, are all very curious and interesting, but they are seen with difficulty; not perhaps so much from jealousy of their secrets being discovered, as from the interruption which visitors occassion. (Osborne's Guide to the Grand Junction, Or Birmingham, Liverpool, and Manchester Railway: with the topography of the country through which the line passes, and complete guides to the towns of Birmingham, Liverpool and Manchester. Illustrated with numerous wood engravings and maps. Edition: 2. Published by E.C. & W. Osborne, 1838)
 1847 January 27th - List of registrations effected under the act for protecting new and original designs for articles of utility. William Hammond Turner, James Turner, and Henry Turner, of Manchester, button manufacturers, for a hook and eye. (The London Journal of Arts, Sciences, and Manufactures, and Repertory of Patent Inventions, 1847)
 1854 January 2nd - List of designs for articles of utility registered. Nos. 3550 and 3551, button and metal button, Hammond Turner and Son, Birmingham. (Mechanics Magazine 1854)
 1862 Catalogue No. 6093 Hammond, Turner and Sons. For excellence of workmanship in the large collection of buttons exhibited. (Medals and honourable mentions awarded by the international juries: with a list of jurors, and the report of the council of chairmen By International exhibition, 1862 Edition: 2. Published by Her Majesty's Commissioners by George Edward Eyre and William Spottiswoode, 1862)
 1890 October 1st - Hallmark first registered with Birmingham Assay Office by Mrs. Anne Turner and William Frederick Spittle trading as Hammond Turner and Sons, General buttonmakers, 100 Snow Hill, Birmingham and 89 Hamstead Road, Handsworth, Birmingham. Mark: H.T & S in plain sans serif script in an oblong with canted corners. There were successive registrations until, some time between 23rd January 1912 and 24th February 1913, the registered address changed to Summerhill and Goodman Street Buttonworks, Birmingham. Nothing more is recorded about the hallmark after 1913. (Private correspondence, Birmingham Assay Office, 2009)


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