Image 1
An amazing find!
Dug up by Stan Purcell while he was metal detecting in the Creswick Regional Park in Victoria, Australia. Having found this website, Stan generously donated his find to my collection: it has been a bit flattened but it shows a fox apparently lying down.
Made by Hammond Turner & Sons, between roughly 1820 and 1850, in Birmingham, England. Did a gentleman emigrating to Australia take a coat with this button on it with him? Did the button continue to be used long after it was made?

Button 095

Image 2
The reverse of Stan's find
Amazingly, there is still some thread on the shank of this button. How did it some to be in Australia? Did someone's trousers fall down when they lost it?! It is a very fine sporting button, probably part of a set, and I don't have any others made in a similar pattern.
Stan found it near where the Cotty Creek and the Sawpit Creek meet the Slaty Creek.

Button 095

Image 3
Hammond Turner & Sons
Fox and bird
A beautiful example of very finely-detailed work, with a broken shank

Button 087

Image 4
Huntsman with horse and dead fox
Hammond Turner & Sons
Extra Quality

Button 101

Image 5
Huntsman on horseback jumping a hedge
Hammond Turner & Sons
Extra Quality

Button 102

Image 6
Pair of hounds 'at work'
Hammond Turner & Sons
Extra Quality

Button 103

There was a fourth button in this set whose price went too high for me: it depicts two riders, who appear to be wearing top hats whilst their horses walk side by side

Image 7
Hammond Turner & Sons Extra Quality
A snarling hunting dog with a forest background

Button 098
Compare with image 10 (button 110), below

Image 8
Hammond Turner & Sons Extra Quality
Two piece
Female deer

Button 061
Compare with button 109, below, and gallery [to follow], image [to follow] (button 62)

Image 9
Hammond Turner and Sons
Two piece
Probably a male deer

Button 064
Compare with sporting gallery 3, image 9 (button 083)

Image 10
Hammond Turner & Sons *Extra Quality*The same button as image 7, a snarling hunting dog with a forest background

Button 110
Compare with button 98, image 7, above

Image 11
Hammond Turner & Sons
'A good catch' (that depends on your point of view, surely?)
Same button as Sporting gallery 1, image 8
BBB Plate 289 no 12

Button 108
Compare with image 4 (button [to follow]) sporting gallery 2 and image 8 (button 030) sporting gallery 1 

Image 12 
Hammond Turner & Sons, Extra Quality
The same button as image 8, a female deer

Button 109
Compare with button 61, above, and gallery [to follow], image [to follow] (button 62)

Image 13
Hammond Turner & Sons
Two piece
Two dogs (?greyhounds) chase a hare or rabbit: one dog appears to have jumped the fence that runs across the button

Button 156

Image 14
Hammond Turner & Sons
Two piece (?) in very clean, shiny condition
Three horses, one running with all four feet off the ground, a horse's head (with a crack across the nose) and one rather fat, dumpy-looking horse/pony standing still

Button 159


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Lesley's interest in buttons started when she saw the words 'button maker' in the 'father's occupation' column of her maternal great grandmother's marriage certificate. After rather too many 'ag labs', vicars and sailors, here was a wonderful change of occupation. She thought she might find a picture of a button: instead, she found a picture of the one-time owner of the business and over 200 different buttons made by the company.

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