Image 1
Hammond Turner and Son
One piece
Dragon on crown

Button 022

Image 2
Hammond Turner and Son
One piece
Crane on wreath

Button 020

Image 3
Hammond Turner and Son
One piece
Ladies' livery, as used by widows and single women

Button 010

Image 4
Hammond Turner Dickinson
BBB Plate 291 no 19
Stag on wreath

Button 038

Image 5
Hammond Turner Dickinson
One piece
Arm with spear on wreath

Button 039

Image 6
Hammond Turner and Son
One piece
Antlered deer’s head on wreath

Buton 026

Image 7
Hammond Turner and Son
One piece
Rampant goat on wreath

Button 040

Image 8
Hammond Turner and Son
One piece, concave back
Rampant goat, upper body only, on wreath

Button 072

Image 9
CW&J Weldon, 130 Cheapside
One piece
Winged gryphon on wreath
This button is included because of the connection between Weldon and HT&S

 Button 091

Image 10
H T & S, Superfine, one piece.
Bird with raised wings on wreath

Button 090


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About us

This web site has been created by Lesley Close as an on-line museum displaying some of the buttons and other artifacts manufactured by Hammond Turner & Sons (and related companies), button makers of Birmingham (and Manchester), England.

Lesley's interest in buttons started when she saw the words 'button maker' in the 'father's occupation' column of her maternal great grandmother's marriage certificate. After rather too many 'ag labs', vicars and sailors, here was a wonderful change of occupation. She thought she might find a picture of a button: instead, she found a picture of the one-time owner of the business and over 200 different buttons made by the company.

What we don't do

The button-making company Hammond Turner no longer exists - we do not make buttons!